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Hospital Management System software is synonyms of hospital e-Governance initiatives, which means making hospital management paperless. This includes the clinical, back office and generic management of all activities. It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software application.

The most important benefits that a hospital gains out of an HMIS implementation are:

  • Least manpower requirements
  • Instant information retrieval
  • Timely treatment decisions
  • Information sharing between the healthcare specialists across the world
  • Access to DICOM images online if HMIS is web-based
  • Saves a lot of money to the promoters if HMIS is web-based
  • Allows remote access to all stakeholders including patients
  • Web-based HMIS can also provide services such as online appointment scheduling
  • Accepting payment online becomes possible with E-commerce for payment gateways
  • Online claims processing for cashless patients become far too easy
The integrated Hospital Management Software provides several management tools such as EMR, which is more of an audit trail of doctors encounters with patients. EMR is a modern way of a hospital treating the patients. EMR covers past history, prescription suggested by doctors, an opinion of distant consultants with the help of DICOM imaging or Tele-radiology. This means all vital information is residing in the system, which can be readily retrieved to help in making a timely decision.